WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that collectively installs themes & plugins, resets defaults, and creates snapshots to restore your website. Reset, recover, and also rebrand your WordPress site in no time

WP Reset Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Reset or delete sections of your WordPress site quickly, plus restore hacked or damaged sites.
  • Easily manage all site snapshots, licenses, and Collections in the Dashboard.
  • Create Collections of your favourite themes & plugins to easily install on new sites.
  • Best for webmasters & WP developers who consistently build & rehash sites and are looking for an easy reset button.
  • WP Reset lets you restore everything to the default values.
  • You can easily delete select portions of your site.
  • Complete the process of reset of your site within seconds.
  • Create a set of plugins & themes to bulk-install and activate from the cloud.
  • Use Collections of your favourite plugins & themes for quick installation!
  • Return to the previous version of your site with ease.
  • Control your Snapshots, client licenses, Collections, and more right from the Dashboard!
  • White-label option
  • Get WP to reset Dashboard
  • Get One-click site reset
  • WP-CLI compatible
  • Post-reset setup
  • Database Snapshots
  • Database Diff Viewer
  • Selective reset tools
  • Webhooks integration
  • Plugins and themes collections
  • Remove any demo with ease.
  • Undo anything with 1 Click.
  • Save hours of works with Collection.
  • Start cleaning with 1 click.
  • Easily hide License details.
  • Store data safely in the cloud.
  • All integrations including Dropbox, Google Drive, and pCloud
  • Find out the Roadmap.
  • Check the FAQ’s

You can also stack the codes in the below manner

Here’s what the plans look like:
🔵 1 code = 10 sites license, 5 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 10 GB storage in total
🔵 2 codes = 50 sites license, 10 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 20 GB storage in total
🔵 3 codes = 100 sites license, 15 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 30 GB storage in total
🔵 4 codes = 150 sites license, 20 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 40 GB storage in total
🔴 5 codes = unlimited sites license, 25 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 50 GB storage in total
🔵 6 codes = unlimited sites license, 30 WPR Cloud site licenses 2 GB each, 60 GB storage in total
🔴 7 codes = unlimited sites license, 35 WPR Cloud site licenses 3 GB each, 105 GB storage in total
🔵 8 codes or more = unlimited sites licenses, 5 WPR Cloud sites licenses per every code, each 3 GB

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