WPinfy or GetWPinfy offers one the best managed hosting platform for WordPress.

I know that while people love the flexibility of the managed hosting platforms, but they don’t always have time to maintain it.

With GetWPinfy, they take care of everything; from hosting your site and databases to providing fast, reliable performance speeds.

With this deal, they are focused on offering plans suitable for resellers and web agencies.

Why is WPinfy hosting special?

  • They use Vultr High Frequency for their servers
  • Litespeed Enterprise servers
  • Free unlimited CDN powered by Bunny.net CDN
  • Daily backups and one click backups
  • Invite your team to manage the sites
  • Custom control panel
  • Best support at any time of any day
  • You can deploy each of your sites at a different location, they have servers in 7 locations around the world

WPinfy ltd pricing

GetWPinfy ltd pricing plans

What are the resource blocks?

Resource blocks are defined as a way to choose the resources for each of your website. Each block is combined of fixed CPU power + 5GB storage + 200GB bandwidth and unlimited CDN. We design these blocks so they’re perfect for most websites out there.

You can adjust the number of blocks per website to suit your needs. One block can be sufficient for some websites, while multiple blocks may be required for more demanding websites.

For example, check this from their pricing page where they give recommendation of number of blocks depending on your website

GetWPinfy resource block pricing

Does this mean you cannot host WooCommerce on the single block plan?

No, you certainly can host WooCommerce on the smallest block, but they don’t suggest that as WooCommerce is resource intensive. You can choose the smallest block and upgrade when necessary. As for the lifetime deal, you can allocate more blocks to a website when needed.

Is WPinfy shared or dedicated hosting?

WPinfy is optimized shared hosting on Vulture high Frequency servers utilizing Litespeed Enterprise. Your website gets shared, but guaranteed resources.

Does WPinfy offer email hosting or custom app hosting?

No WPinfy is managed WordPress hosting, so they are only focused on WordPress and nothing else.

What is the Refund Policy for this lifetime deal?

They offer a 7 Days refund policy from the date of purchase. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to refund 100% of the amount via original payment mode.

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