WP Guidant is the plugin to use if you want to make it as simple as possible for visitors to learn about your products or services. The entire procedure takes place within your current database, capturing everything you might wish to include in the filters later on. With this tool, you can create a step-by-step guide as well as conversational forms using a dynamic form builder system, which is included with the plugin.

Create a multi-step guided selling process as well as smart forms to convert 10X more traffic into leads and new paying customers. Guided selling is made possible with this tool, which allows you to design guides for displaying products that are filtered with smart filters. With this groundbreaking plugin, you can transform an entire shopping website into a selling system that interacts with consumers, allows them to filter through data with simple motions, and allows them to locate the things they are looking for within seconds.

Filter a wide range of data, show the filters in a card or slider format, and include essential form fields to ensure that the plugin meets all of your requirements. This is the most adaptable plugin available, as it saves you the time and effort of creating many product categories by simply adding everything together in a few guided sales procedures.

WP Guidant Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create an extremely simple guided and recommended process out of a range of items, posts, and other materials.
  • This tool integrates with WooCommerce and gives you the ability to sort products fast and efficiently utilizing the guided approach. It also works on articles, pages, forms, and other similar things.
  • It will work its magic on any website, no matter how messed up it is.
  • It can access and manipulate most of the data on your WordPress site (posts, content, WooCommerce, and so on).
  • You can add extra numbers to the back of each guide, giving consumers even more possibilities to choose from.
  • User-accessible cards and sliders are used to create the most notable filter system in the industry. Simply selecting their cards or scrolling the slider will allow visitors to proceed forward into the guide system and finish up with the product they desired. It’s quick and simple!
  • Create dynamic forms that collect and organize user data for the goal of storing it for future use. Using conversational forms, you can generate lead databases based on the interests and categories of the users who visit your site. The most effective method of generating leads in order to obtain more consumers.
  • Configure conditional logic in your guided selling process so that only the outcomes that correspond to the choices made by the user are displayed. Depending on how a user behaved on the previous filter, this function can determine what a user can see in the next filter.
  • This tool connects with the entire WooCommerce database and provides you with complete control over the many aspects of your store. Create filters based on goods, pricing, categories, tags, and a variety of other criteria. It contributes to visitors having a more positive product purchasing experience.
  • The output of the guided selling process can be adjusted such that it displays the defined values that were previously set from the administration end of the process. Result attributes can be added, modified, and rearranged based on their order of appearance in the results.
  • The entire guide may be customized, including its color and size. You can paint it any color you want and increase its dimensions.
  • To construct the guided selling process, use cards, sliders, or forms as filters.
  • You can change the backdrop color of the Guide to plain colors, gradients, or a fine picture.
  • While the filter interface has buttons, words, borders, and backgrounds, you have the ability to change the colors of each of these elements individually.
  • Each card can be personalized by changing the color, border, and backdrop design of each individual card. Additionally, the font size and image height are included.
  • The sliders are easy to access due to their colorful appearance and gorgeous background picture.
  • By filtering target meta values supplied by other plugins, you can create compatible recommendations for any page on the internet.
  • Display the next filter dependent on the user decision in the previous filter.
  • The submission tracking feature allows you to track user behavior through each guide, create data logs, and use the data to develop a sales funnel by analyzing guide data.
  • At the conclusion of the process, results such as the maximum number of outputs, the headline, and the completion messages can be displayed or removed.
  • You can specify what information should be displayed on the result page, such as a thumbnail, a price, a category, a title, an excerpt, and so on.
  • This plugin facilitates the creation of multilingual websites. Everything on it can be quickly and readily translated into the language you are conversant in.
  • If you are looking to implement a more precise course selling strategy, it can serve as your most valuable LMS course selling guide.
  • The guided selling process takes advantage of WordPress’s Advanced Custom Fields and converts them into guides.
  • Reads and combines all post data, including titles, categories, and tags, and can make use of this information inside the guides and other documentation.
  • We have all of the documentation necessary to demonstrate to our users how simple it is to utilize the plugin.

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