WordSeek is a search engine optimization (SEO) application that allows you to uncover keywords and queries that are missing from your website. This allows you to enhance the content of your website and increase site traffic.

This tool assists you in rapidly identifying keywords that are absent from all of your existing web pages by using query data as a basis.

WordSeek Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Connecting to your Google Search Console account is all that is required to get started. After doing so, select the web pages that require optimization from the list that appears on the screen.
  • You will also be able to conduct an analysis of all of your rivals, target keywords, and queries based on the terms that users enter into Google to find specific information.
  • After the analysis has been completed, you will be provided with a CSV file that contains all of the missing search queries pertaining to those pages
  • You will be able to determine which terms are most important to prioritize thanks to the dataset, which contains relevant keywords along with characteristics such as impressions and average position
  • The best part is that you can obtain optimization tips, such as ways to improve page content, new page content, and frequently asked questions sections
  • If you just follow the ideas for keyword optimization that provides, you will end up with an improved number of impressions as well as a higher average position
  • You now have the ability to monitor the results of your efforts to optimize your website so that you may acquire more insights thanks to the Overview Dashboard
  • In addition, you are able to keep track of the number of pages that have been optimized, as well as new impressions, new clicks, and the average position, which makes it simple to assess your results over time
  • It gives you the ability to optimize certain pages of your website by cross-referencing the content of your site with Google Search Console
  • You can learn precisely how to enhance the content of your blog by conducting an analysis on your entire website, on a subset of your pages, or on a single page
  • Additionally, due to the fact that the system is able to examine an unlimited number of URLs, you are able to consistently modify, test, and improve the quality of your material
  • Simply connect your Google Search Console to Baser with just a few clicks, and we will immediately begin handling the laborious tasks on your behalf.
  • You can configure the automation to run on specified URL routes or at a set frequency each week. You can also add a specific URL to manually trigger the automation if you want to.
  • Your on-page optimization will proceed ten times more quickly as a result of Baser’s ability to identify all of the queries that are absent from particular URLs.
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wordseek appsumo price
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