WebWiz is your website’s personal assistant, available 24/7. Empower your website with WebWiz, a sophisticated AI chatbot customized to your product information. With this tool, your consumers have an all-knowing guide at their disposal, ready to provide instant and accurate responses to their questions.

This tool enables you to effortlessly train ChatGPT on your website’s data and integrate a powerful chatbot into your website without tedious coding. Experience the convenience of an AI assistant that enhances consumer interactions and improves the performance of your website without the need for coding knowledge. With this tool by your side, you will enjoy unparalleled customer support.

WebWhiz Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The is purpose-built to be your trustworthy, around-the-clock assistant, trained specifically on your product information
  • It swiftly responds to customer inquiries using your website’s data, sparing you valuable time and enhancing the overall customer experience
  • Embrace the simplicity of this tool as it does not require any coding knowledge, making it a hassle-free solution for enhancing customer support and elevating your website.
  • With this tool by your side, you can say welcome to frictionless interactions and happy customers.
  • Add your web address. Simply input your website’s URL to begin. We will retrieve and compile training data automatically
  • Train ChatGPT using data from your website. We’ll automatically train ChatGPT on your website based on the parameters you specify and create the chatbot for you
  • Add Javascript to your site – To embed the chatbot on your site, simply add the small script element
  • It will autonomously crawl your website, train ChatGPT on its content based on the parameters you specify, and create the chatbot for you.
  • You can customize the appearance of your chatbot to match the theme of your website and further refine the results using the project dashboard to train custom data
  • The simple integration is one of its most notable characteristics. You can easily create, educate, and integrate a chatbot on your website in a matter of minutes. Integration requires nothing more than the addition of a script element to your website’s HTML.
  • WebWiz guarantees data-specific responses by exclusively training the AI on your data. This method ensures that your consumers receive the most accurate information about your products and services, thereby enhancing their experience
  • With our customization options, you can adjust the appearance of your chatbot to precisely match the theme of your website, ensuring a consistent and aesthetically pleasing user experience
  • That values human interaction, and users can simply switch to offline mode and send direct messages in situations where personal assistance is required. This ensures that every inquiry receives a response, thereby preserving the utmost level of customer satisfaction
  • This tool routinely crawls your website to keep the chatbot’s knowledge base accurate and in sync with any modifications to your site or products
  • Building a chatbot with this tool does not require any coding expertise. It’s a simple procedure,”WebWhiz is your website’s AI assistant, always willing to assist
  • It enables you to improve and fine-tune the accuracy of your chatbot’s responses by adding customized training data. Using the dashboard, you can explicitly enter question-answer pairs, thereby guiding your chatbot to provide more precise and individualized interactions
  • Unlock the potential of AI to enhance the user experience and customer contentment of your website. It is more than a chatbot; it is a 24/7 AI-powered assistant that is intelligent and efficient.
Webwhiz Appsumo Price
Webwhiz Appsumo Price
webwhiz regular pricing
webwhiz regular pricing

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