WebTotem is a web security assistant that protects your website and actively monitors threats. Protects your website and its data by monitoring and defending it against threats.

WebTotem Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Keeping your website safe and secure with constantly updated modules
  • Sucuri and Virusdie are other alternatives
  • Then you can connect your monitored data to another tool, adjusting the security modules accordingly.
  • A good cybersecurity product will let website owners and hosting providers rest easy.
  • With a powerful signature analysis algorithm, the antivirus module will check files for viruses, shells, and backdoors (like a giant bouncer at a high-end club).
  • In addition, it provides a detailed report with names, file paths, and threat classes from the analysis.
  • In addition, the antivirus will immediately let you know about any new, modified, and deleted files that you didn’t authorize since that’s usually a sign of malicious code making trouble.
  • In this way, your site can be protected from being blacklisted by search engines and anti-virus programs and stop the virus from spreading.
  • With WebTotem’s antivirus, suspicious activity is checked on all your files, and unauthorized changes are relayed to you.
  • With WebTotem, you can also find out how secure your website is.
  • Based on settings such as HTTP headers, WAF, CMS, and cookies, the automatic security scoring assigns you a letter and numerical grade.
  • In addition, the scoring system will recommend making improvements to your configuration or settings for a reduced number of vulnerabilities.
  • Furthermore, you will be alerted about the possibility of data leaks in advance, so you can put a stop to it before Buzzfeed write a negative article about you.
  • Find out how secure your site is with WebTotem’s in-depth scoring system!
  • Learn how well your security programs are performing with access to customizable reports.
  • All security modules can be analyzed as well as the ones you select for specific insights.
  • WebTotem also displays your current standing across security modules in the dashboard, giving you a quick snapshot for reference.
  • Malware detection.
  • Malware scan.
  • Basic malware removal.
  • Malware prevention.
  • Web application firewall.
  • Firewall logs & analytics.
  • Virtual patching.
  • Vulnerability detection.
  • Global defense network.
  • Custom setting.
  • 10 websites.
  • 3 client sub-accounts.
  • White-labeling.

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