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    WebSite X5 is a professional website builder that allows you to develop modest to medium-sized websites, blogs, and online stores.

    You can choose from up to 140 customizable templates. You can create an endless number of websites for yourself, clients, or friends. There are no fees or commissions. Includes MagicText, an AI-powered assistant for writing SEO-rich copy for your website.

    Website X5 Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

    • Create blog websites with infinite articles, a layout for managing comments, scheduling posts, optimizing for Google, and more.
    • Increase traffic to your website by utilizing all available SEO tools such as TAGs, Sitemaps, Structured Data, and so on.
    • Make your website responsive so it looks fantastic on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone device.
    • Manage user registration manually or let them register on their own.
    • Integrates seamlessly with social media, shopping, e-booking, images and icons, cookies and policies, text, music, video, chat forms, maps and weather, calendars, analytics, and more.
    • It identifies the language of the user’s browser and selects the optimal language for the website. It supports any language, including those written in alphabets other than Latin.
    • To get your website up and running, save everything on 500 GB of web space.
    • Hosting and domain registration are tailored to your specific site.
    • Includes over 140 Templates, allowing customers to jumpstart their projects quickly.
    • Ideal for people without programming knowledge.
    • Includes Hosting
    • Enables unlimited site building for personal and client use.
    • There are no fees or commissions involved.

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