Vollna is an AI-powered freelance project aggregator that searches for projects on the top freelance sites and alerts you to the ones that fit your skills, using Machine Learning. You probably became a freelancer because you wanted to do work you loved on your own terms. Yet, you didn’t expect to go through endless job postings for hours.

This tool automatically searches the top freelancing websites for the best offers based on your requirements and skills. Do not waste your time and billable hours searching for the right project — let this tool do it for you. You’ll be notified immediately, so you can be the first to bid on an exciting new project. You can choose how you receive notifications to see upcoming work and budget, whether it’s by email, SMS, Slack, push notifications, or a video conference!

Using the flexible and useful filters will show you projects in line with your interests and experience. Stop wasting time on spam and irrelevant projects. Instead, you can spend that time doing the jobs you love and getting paid for them.

Vollna Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Find the best freelance offers for your skillset using an AI-based cloud monitoring tool.
  • Make your bids on projects the first and stop wasting time searching for clients.
  • Whenever and wherever you want, get instant notifications based on your filters.
  • Best for: Job seekers who want to maximize their job searches and get more opportunities
  • This deal is not stackable.
  • Individual dashboard.
  • 6 Instances.
  • Unlimited filter attributes.
  • Cloud works 24/7.
  • Active maintenance & support.
  • Data storage for 365 days.

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