Vloggi is a video submission management platform that allows you to gather and store client testimonial films for your business(es), as well as their permission to re-use those clips in marketing. Additionally, the platform reformats all footage, adds your logo, and allows you to create compilations without using video editing software.

You can simply start a campaign, publish your landing page, and begin gathering videos from your loyal customers (also known as brand advocates).

Vloggi Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • All video uploads include permission to re-use, so you’ll never have to worry about legal issues.
  • Begin amassing a collection of user-generated videos that you may repurpose indefinitely.
  • Custom fonts, logos, and colors can be used to make your landing page reflect your brand.
  • You can include a prize to motivate your participants, as well as precise instructions or recommendations to ensure high-quality videos. No stone should be left unturned.
  • You may also gain their trust and become more participatory by using a video message on a landing page tailored to your campaign.
  • You may turn your user-generated video into a lead-generating tool by hosting a video contest with a prize for the top videos or a discount code for every video submitted.
  • You can tailor the client data collected on the landing page to better understand your customers (and sell more).
  • You can hold a video contest to collect product reviews and award a prize to individuals who participate on social media. Gather email addresses, locations, and product information for export. You can also ask brand-specific questions, such as product availability.
  • When a customer submits their video, send them a personalized thank you message with a link to your most recent arrivals.
  • Save time by downloading, structuring, and modifying testimonial videos before using them on your marketing landing pages.
  • To create ready-to-publish movies, use the built-in customized templates tailored to your needs.
  • Create a master template containing your branding elements once, and then automate your video post-production.
  • You may alter and customize the look of the final film, as well as your brand logo, fonts, and colors.
vloggi regular pricing
vloggi regular pricing
vloggi saasmantra price
vloggi saasmantra price

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