Are you familiar with the boring, uninteresting, and difficult-to-create interactive videos that do not increase sales, engagement, or retention? Nobody wants to sit through a 20-minute video to discover 1 or 2 things they might be interested in 2021.

VideoTags is an Ai-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, deep tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating your video/audio marketing content extremely easy. VidTags’ Ai-powered deep tagging, transcription, searching, and translation technology gives you access to viewers, clients, and customers in other language-speaking regions. Now, you can create marketing videos in 35 different languages with built-in search functionality.

It is simply easy to use. By simply copying and pasting the URL of any video (or audio), you can instantly generate transcripts, then create a Deep Tags Interactive Actionable Table of Contents (iAToC) by understanding the context of the conversations in the video. It is now possible to translate and render this content in 35 different languages. Plus, it’s hosted for you, preventing all the distractions and commercialization you get from other video hosting services, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

VidTags Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Right into your dashboard, you can import videos from Youtube, Zoom, Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox, or your computer.
  • Easily customize your marketing video and audio players without coding or design skills.
  • You can create an interactive actionable table of contents for your videos or audios.
  • Transcript your videos and audios and make them searchable.
  • The viewer can now search any point in your video or audio to start watching from that point.
  • You can translate and have your video content in over 35 languages.
  • Automate the generation of audio from text and audio to text, make it searchable, and translate it into multiple languages using artificial intelligence.
  • Any blog post can be automatically converted to audio.
  • You can embed content directly on your website without any coding.
  • Click Here To Download Your Video, Audio, Or Transcript.
  • Include your videos/audios, courses, or training sections in a gallery format on your website.
  • Find out who is watching your videos, where they are from, and how long they are watching in real-time.
  • Create collections of video and podcast pages.
  • Viewers can react to, share, and download your video with restrictions that you set.
  • You can share any video or audio via a direct link, Facebook, Twitter, email, or Reddit, for example.
  • Easy content ranking with built-in SEO.
  • Lightning-Fast Hosting.
  • Real-Time Analytics.
  • 35+ Language Translation.
  • Import videos from any URL.
  • 1-Click Social Sharing.
  • AI-Powered Audio To Text.
  • Check Plan Details for more.
  • Text-To-Audio Converter.
  • Interactive Dashboard.
  • Interactive video/audio content searching.
  • Video/Audio Transcribe.
  • 35 languages translation.
  • 3 languages per Video/audio player.
  • Video management and Free hosting.
  • Ai-powered human-like text to speech & Audio to text support.
  • Embed video/audio content on any website.
  • Downloadable contents [Text, Audio, Video].

Vidtags Dealmirror Price

Vidtags Price

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