Vidlogs is a workspace for remote and dispersed teams that hold AI-powered meetings accompanied by recordings and transcriptions. Meet in real-time and asynchronously, powered by AI.

Vidlogs Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can conduct secure browser-based live meetings using AI transcription with team members or an outside audience.
  • Alternative to: & Microsoft Teams.
  • You can use screen recording and webcam to provide asynchronous updates when you don’t have time to meet Project managers and teams that need to record live meetings and consolidate video recordings.
  • You can now schedule and organize meetings anytime, anywhere.
  • With Vidlogs, you can host meetings at the last minute or schedule them in advance to keep your team connected.
  • Your team will be able to receive meeting invitations via email or a link that can be copied to calendar invites.
  • With Vidlogs, scheduled meetings can be recorded asynchronously so that you can add additional feedback or context without meeting live
  • The option to record your meetings lets you show just your camera, just your screen, or both your cam and screen to those who can’t make it.
  • You can lock, record, and transcribe live meetings in real-time with AI transcription. (So that joke you made about Zoom will be preserved for posterity… or edited before sharing.)
  • Having been using Vidlogs for some time now, I am confident you will love its simplicity.
  • Screen sharing is a powerful feature of live and asynchronous meetings, which can also be recorded.
  • Can’t make it live (or have a really bad hair day)?
  • Videos can be recorded and shared with your team via asynchronous video updates.
  • Your team or customers can reply to you or provide more context through asynchronous video updates, making Vidlogs perfect for product/project feedback and updates.
  • Just as with live video, asynchronous video allows you to record your camera, screen, or both at the same time.
  • Create screen and camera recordings for asynchronous communication.
  • Taking meeting notes can bring you back to being a college freshman, randomly scribbling down everything just in case it’s on the test.
  • Vidlogs brings you back into the present with AI-powered transcriptions, which transcribe your meetings live and can be edited and shared later.
  • Looking for a specific point that was mentioned in last week’s meeting? Search transcripts with criteria like keywords, highlights, and participants.
  • AI-powered live transcription makes note-taking during meetings a breeze!
  • You’ll be able to easily create a team workspace in just a few seconds to keep all of your meetings and recordings organized.
  • Customize your workspace to reflect your branding with brand colors and your beautiful logo to create a more seamless experience for your team.
  • Plus, instead of long meeting links, you can host branded rooms with URLs tailored to your business (e.g.
  • Once your workspace is ready to go, invite your team members to a single, secure space where everyone can host meetings and share, search, and respond to recordings.
  • Organize your meetings and recordings with topic-based channels in the security team workspace.
  • Sometimes remote work can be tough. (“Is that meeting 2 p.m. ET, CT, MT, PT, or TT?”)
  • If you plan to be remote for a while or your team has always been dispersed, it’s time to level up your video meetings.
  • Vidlogs gives you everything you need to schedule, meet, record, transcribe, and share all the details of your meetings.
  • Branded live rooms.
  • Unlimited group meetings outside of your team (24-hour meeting time limit).
  • Cloud record and save your important video meetings to your feed.
  • One-click video recording from webcam and desktop. Save them to your feed.
  • Analytics dashboard.
  • Secure and private team workspace.
  • Up to 50-minute limit on live group meetings with more than 15 participants.
  • Unlimited P2P video meetings between team members.
  • Full video conferencing features, chat, screen sharing, file sharing.
  • AI-powered transcripts of your video meetings.
  • 3 team members.
  • 3 channels.
  • 6 GB cloud video storage per team (sharable storage) per month.
  • 8,000 AI transcription minutes (sharable minutes) total.
  • 100 participants per live meeting.

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