Video streaming intake is rising with every passing day. Now, video content consumption has also improved the CDN outlays, streaming, bandwidth prices massively, and this is only going to continue raising disrupting the comprehensive consumer experience along with your invoices.

It is a P2P CDN Option utilizing WebRTC to decrease video streaming bandwidth price and enhance latency for live streaming and VOD platforms!

Vadootv is a P2P SDK integration to lessen your video streaming prices by around 90 percent and decrease re-buffering for those users. It supports all Significant players Hls.js, Shaka Player, JWPlayer, DPlayer, Plyr, FluidPlayer, Clappr, Flowplayer, MediaElement, Video.js. Additionally, it supports both the streaming protocols HLS and DASH.

Vadootv is powered by WebRTC, which spreads the load users to decrease the server expenses and to enhance scalability.

Developed for Developers: VadooTV for Merchandise has prebuilt integrations for many use-cases.

For OTTs & Live TV – Build scalable video programs & substantially low bandwidth price.

For Edtech – Penetration in distant regions with reduced bandwidth.

To Social Networks – Construct scalable societal video adventures for a broad assortment of dispersed users.

For Marketplaces – Construct Shoppable video adventures for consumers with varying bandwidth.

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