Upto11 One platform: a plethora of simple-to-use experimental B2B marketing widgets. To begin, select your growth objective, widget, campaign, and embed a simple HTML code on your website.

The first widget is called Share2Get, and it allows potential consumers to gain access to gated content or B2B freebies by publishing pre-approved messages to your LinkedIn networks. You can sell eBooks, white papers, Notion templates, SaaS discounts, reward codes, coffee vouchers, and so on—the options are unlimited! Turn leads into ambassadors and use word-of-mouth to establish a stronger community.

Upto11 Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • LinkedIn API Integration: “Share2Get” posts on behalf of leads and connects to LinkedIn via API to confirm that the lead has shared the post.
  • The widget only forwards the user to a reward page or PDF when the share is confirmed, ensuring that the sharing activity is completed before the user accesses the reward
  • Focus on Virality and Brand Awareness: Unlike typical marketing tools, “Share2Get” is specifically designed to enhance virality and brand awareness by leveraging LinkedIn shares to unlock lead magnets, gated content, and incentives.
  • Platform-Agnostic Approach: Unlike many marketing apps, “Share2Get” is platform-agnostic, allowing it to be utilised across multiple platforms, increasing its adaptability and reach.
  • Incentive Sharing: The widget encourages users to share pre-approved LinkedIn posts in exchange for lead magnets, special event invitations, discount vouchers, and free branded products, resulting in a novel approach to user engagement and lead generation.
  • One platform, a plethora of simple marketing tests.
  • Traditional marketing strategies provide an alternative.
  • Choose your objective, select your widget, and enjoy successful conversions.
  • B2B Marketers, Enterprises, and Business Owners should use it.
  • Find Roadmap
upto11 dealmirror price
upto11 dealmirror price

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