With Uppbeat, you don’t have to worry about YouTube copyright issues or demonetizing your content.

Uppbeat Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Unlock incredible music on a brand new platform without copyright claims anywhere.
  • Alternative to: Epidemic Sound
  • With unlimited music from real artists, awesome tracks added every week, and no copyright claims, your video won’t be flagged.
  • Then you can say goodbye to uninspiring Creative Commons music, expensive music license subscriptions, or Youtube Audio Library’s clunky interface. Now that’s great news!
  • Designed specifically for creators, this is the first freemium music platform
  • We have the perfect beat for your travel vlog or tutorial video, or we’ll provide the perfect background beat for your video it is a library that houses indie artists, producers, and composers from all over the world, such as Pryces, All Good Folks, and Soundroll.
  • Because only one percent of artist applications are accepted by this tool (take that, Julliard! ), you’ll have a much easier time finding relevant tunes for your content.
  • You can also find great tracks because this tool accepts less than one percent of artist applications.
  • The best music from real artists. Highly curated
  • If you choose the Premium plan, you’ll get a lifetime subscription
  • You will get unlimited downloads, Premium access, and whitelisted YouTube channels against copyright claims
  • Plus, the platform’s subscription revenue enables artists to get paid for every download, so everyone wins!
  • Get access to unlimited downloads and exclusive tracks with a Premium pack.
  • Unlimited number of track downloads per month
  • Access to all premium tracks
  • Whitelist your YouTube channel
  • No YouTube copyright claims
  • No ads

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