Upcoach, a contemporary transformation platform lets you use courses, chat, meetings, and tasks, you can create and manage your coaching programme you may keep all of your training materials for your group or individual coaching programmes, which will help your customers’ lives be transformed.

Make lessons and modules for courses. Even the rate at which each course is completed can be set by deciding whether to release all of it at once or in stages. Along with the training, you’ll be able to give your students engaging worksheets, tasks, and new habits to help prevent them from just downloading PDFs or copying Google Docs.

Upcoach Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can design your own no-code layout with this tool by building out your application using a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Based on your particular requirements and programme structure, use a template or start from scratch to construct a programme.
  • The other programme types you can create include masterminds, cohorts, one-on-one programmes, and group programmes.
  • To minimise scheduling conflicts, you may plan and schedule your meetings on the Events Calendar as well as check a list of all previous and scheduled meetings.
  • If you want to keep your meetings or events moving well, either make your own agenda from scratch or use a preset template. In addition, this provides a forum for your clients to submit problems and gather rewards.
  • It allows you to add a Zoom link to meeting invitations so that attendees may quickly join meetings and sync meeting agendas with your Google calendar.
  • You can use a Kanban board to monitor every client’s involvement and development, making this system more active than passive.
  • To-do lists, daily routines, and worksheets can be used to track client progress and help them put what they’ve learned in the coaching sessions and during the course into practice.
  • By allowing participants to see each other’s commitments, you may promote social accountability and boost motivation.
  • It offers capabilities for one-on-one, group, and admin chats so that you may speak with clients because it is crucial for community building.
  • Create individualised online coaching programmes with tasks, programme templates, meeting schedules, and routines.
  • Teachable, WordPress, and Kajabi alternative tool
  • Utilize a single platform to manage all clients and groups, preventing information loss.
  • Most suitable for: Business, lifestyle, and education coaches that wish to organise and streamline their coaching programmes.
  • Instructional programmes
  • Builder of programmes
  • Meeting schedules
  • Tools for encouraging others and setting goals
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Integrating and managing
  • Templates

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upcoach price

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