UNA CMS is a comprehensive community management system that allows you to create and configure self-hosted, independent social networks. It is an open-source platform that includes everything you need to construct a social web app, as well as an API for developing native applications.

You’ll start with a pre-configured social network that includes feeds, profiles, groups, and messaging. With over 100 no-code modules at your disposal, you may combine and customize functionality to create whatever you require.

UNA CMS Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This full-stack application server and web app is versatile enough to function as a headless CMS.
  • The Studio contains a no-code approach that allows you to easily adjust the design and feel of your website.
  • This means you can construct pages, change layouts, connect different blocks, and tailor the visibility to different devices
  • Choose from hundreds of modules, including templates, language packs, and connectors, to build the ideal network for your company
  • You can define permissions for different member roles, you’ll have control over what’s visible (and what’s not) to the entire community
  • You may create your own database structure and begin collecting data using custom form fields.
  • You can also create any type of navigation you require, such as side panels, member toolbars, and footer links.
  • Furthermore, this platform expands vertically and horizontally, allowing you to deploy it as a single application or split your features into microservices.
  • When you install thisĀ  CMS, you will obtain a few fundamental modules. However, you may always add new modules or access third-party modules through the shop.
  • Access apps for quizzes, photo or video contests, news, and profile cards to make your social network fully dynamic
  • Members can communicate with other users by publishing images, videos, and albums, just like on Facebook and Instagram
  • You will be able to build an autonomous social media network that is safe, participatory, and highly scalable.
UNA CMS Appsumo Price
UNA CMS Appsumo Price
UNA CMS Regular Pricing
UNA CMS Regular Pricing

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