Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest has transitioned from a free product to a paid product over the past couple of weeks ago. They are now offering a lifetime deal on the ‘Individual Plan’ which comes with 3 projects.

The sale price depends on the visitor location.

The U.S. version costs $249 for the ltd, while Indians can get it for around $120 and Brazilians can get it for $110 in the local currency. Use a VPN and you will be able to see the lifetime deal at those prices.

The lifetime deal is only visible on desktop view.

Ubersuggest lifetime deal


  • Plurkstar

    Is the lifetime hack still working for Indian ISP? I tried to use vpn for both india and Brazil but is showing me at 290USD.

  • Michael Jordon

    Hi, a bit confused because the price page only displays their monthly / annual fee…
    Call me stupid, but does this mean if we chose the lifetime deal… there is no more monthly payment?

    • DealMango

      Hello Micheal,

      login/register on the website and go to this page,
      you will see a toggle on the pricing table for lifetime plans

      If you choose the lifetime deal, there will be no monthly payments.

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