Toliyos is a versatile and all-in-one platform that consolidates your internet presence into a single, easy-to-use interface. Toliyos allows you to easily shorten URLs, create compelling bio link pages, produce personalized QR codes, share vCard links, and manage file links, among many other features.

The finest thing is that you don’t need to buy several products and manage them separately to complete your duties. This tool will supply you with everything in one location, and you will have everything at your fingertips simply by paying for this one tool.

Toliyos Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

Bio link pages: Easily create your own and extremely adjustable bio link page.
• Customize it to reflect your company’s distinct colors and identity.
• Take advantage of a wealth of pre-designed pieces.
• Use SEO settings to optimize search engines.
• Protect your privacy by using password protection and sensitive content alerts.

Shortened links: Simplify your links by using our service, which also serves as an effective shortening tool.
• Take command of your schedule and expiration dates.
• Target precisely by country, device, and language.
• Use A/B Rotation to optimize your connections.
• Protect your data with password security and sensitive content warnings.

QR Codes: Discover the greatest QR code generator system, replete with user-friendly templates for all of your requirements.
• Customize your QR codes with different colors and gradients.
• Make your mark with a distinctive logo.
• Choose from a variety of QR shapes to match your personal style.
• Examine templates for Vcard, WiFi, Calendar, Location, and other applications.

Built-in analytics: Gain access to built-in analytics that strike the ideal balance of simplicity and depth, all while complying with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR requirements.
• Keep track of your connections by countries and cities.
• Keep track of referrers and UTMs to get a better view.
• Examine your target audience’s devices and operating systems.
• Investigate data on browsers and languages to gain insights.

File links: Create dynamic, sophisticated, and downloadable file links.
Vcard links: Generate dynamic digital contact cards that are trackable and downloadable.
Event links: Create downloadable and tracked calendar files dynamically.
Tools: As an added benefit, we are providing you with a collection of 120 essential web tools.
Custom domains: Use your own or one of our existing ones.
Projects are the simplest method to organize your controlled resources.

toliyos dealmirror price
toliyos dealmirror price
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toliyos regular pricing

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