TidyCal is a scheduling tool brought to you by the AppSumo team that makes it easier to manage your calendar and get more bookings.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Easily schedule meetings with calendar integrations, booking pages, and customizations.
  • Instantly create booking pages and plan meetings without emailing each other
  • Alternatives to Calendly and Doodle
  • Book meetings with clients or prospects for free or for a fee.
  • The best meeting scheduling tool for project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams.
  • Set up free and paid meetings for clients, prospects, and others
  • Its user-friendly interface assists you in integrating your calendars within minutes.
  • The solution includes up to 10 calendar connections per account, as well as automatically detected recipient time zones, which ensures scheduling conflicts are never a problem again.
  • Plus, you won’t have to worry about booking a business meeting when you have a personal commitment. (You’ve already missed enough of your kid’s soccer games.)
  • Furthermore, multiple calendar integration options mean you can also link your Google calendars all in one place.
  • Easily integrate your Google calendars to TidyCal—with more calendar options coming soon
  • TidyCal makes setting up different booking pages easy once your calendars are integrated.
  • You can build a free booking page for prospects, a paid booking page for clients, and more.
  • While your competitors waste time emailing back and forth to schedule meetings, you set your schedule on autopilot.
  • Easily select availability blocks by day and add gap times, so you can take the breaks you need without nonstop back-to-back meetings. (Especially the ones that could have been emails.)
  • It lets you schedule breaks during your free time, so you can rest and unwind
  • In addition, you should display your brand on your booking page
  • You can customize the booking page to match your brand or business
  • It is possible to insert the booking page widget directly on your website if you prefer. Easy-peasy.
  • Embed a widget that allows you to easily book through your website
  • Scheduling should be about saving time, which is why this tool lets you see all the important information upfront about the client who booked.
  • Ask questions before someone completes a booking. (“What is the ETA for colonizing Mars, Elon?”)
  • When a meeting is booked, the tool  automatically sends a confirmation email to you and the other person.
  • With easy cancellation and rescheduling options, you’re in the clear if something comes up.
  • No codes, no stacking.
  • 10 calendar connections.
  • Free & paid meetings.
  • Reduced branding.

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