ThunderDrive is your personal cloud storage tool. Store all your files or images in one place. It allows you to securely upload and share the file. Data can be accessed from any device or any location.

ThunderDrive Lifetime Deal Features Overview : 

  • Keep all your files secure.
  • It can store and share large files.
  • Accessible on all the devices.
  • 24*7 Assistance.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Drag & Drop option.

ThunderDrive is now also offered on StackSocial with two options, 500GB and 2TB. Its also stackable meaning you can buy as many codes as you need and stack them to increase your storage limit.

Note: One of our community members reported that the user interface is very similar to a script from a marketplace. Due your due dilligence before purchase. DealMirror has a better money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • manuel

    Thunderdrive is a SCAM!
    Some examples:
    – They promise super-fast connections but I get an upload of around 100KB/S. Always the same excuse is used; that they are upgrading their servers.
    – Download of larger files or folders is simply not possible, as they would be zipped first. This takes forever and either the browser or their server times out. In fact, download impossible.
    – The UI is just a horror cabinet. It looks nice at the first glimpse but is full of display errors etc.
    – The road map they present… well the show the map, but in reality, the car went off the road a long time ago.

    They have a 30-day money-back policy, but when you want to make use of it… Radio silence…

    I filed a complaint to Paypal as the product doesn’t fit the description. Thunderdrive reacted instantaneously and deleted my account within hours after I requested the money back, without further notice, but I didn’t receive the money yet. That’s all a scam and I am pretty sure in one year Thunderdrive will not exist anymore.

    Keep your fingers off, it’s just another scam. You might get your storage space for a lifetime, paired with a buggy and useless interface, slow connections and horrible support.

  • James Thomas

    Thunderdrive is a SCAM!!! It is a rip-off of Bedrive ( What thunderdrive has basically done is that they have purchased the bedrive PHP script for 40$ from ( and runs it. They haven’t even made any basic changes or added any features to it.

    Thunderdrive will not be alive for a long time. And whatever they have mentioned in their roadmap will never be coming. Their servers are already down most of the time as they are running cheap and they will not be improving it as they don’t plan to be around for a long time. Once they make as much money as they can they’ll disappear suddenly one day.

    So guys… do not store your valuable files on thunderdrive. If you want just store files that are not important and won’t affect you if you lose it.

    When you look for a reliable cloud storage provider to store your important files always check if they have 2FA feature and client-side encryption (zero-knowledge). 2FA is not an easy system to implement and those who have that feature are serious about their product and they plan to stay for a long time in the market. They will have to hire expert programmers and have good hardware to implement these features. That’s why they cost more, but your files will be safe.

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