Thinkstack’s powerful AI chatbot builder lets you construct intelligent, adaptable chatbots that automate interactions and improve communication on your website. You can quickly train your chatbot by inputting existing information such as PDFs, website pages, CSV files, or a custom Q&A database. It processes it all to generate an informed chatbot helper.

Zapier and API connectors allow you to easily connect with over 1000+ applications. Furthermore, our Actions module allows you to customise your chatbot’s flow for tasks such as ticket submissions, retrieving order data, changing CRM records, and resolving status questions.

Thinkstack Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Customise your chatbot’s design, tone, and personality to mirror your business identity and provide a consistent user experience across all channels.
  • Intelligent chatbots built on Thinkstack’s no-code platform can provide scalable, on-brand, and cost-effective customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You may easily add anything like PDFs, website pages, CSV files, or a bespoke Q&A knowledge base
  • It leverages this information to develop a knowledgeable chatbot helper
  • Customise your chatbot’s design, tone, and personality to match your brand.
  • Our platform is designed for ease and efficiency, allowing you to construct a personalised chatbot.
  • You may then incorporate it into your website with no coding skills required.
  • Connect with users through their favourite platforms, such as WhatsApp and Slack.
  • Zapier and external API integrations can help your chatbot access any external data source, extending its reach even further.

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