You regularly work with textual content from exceptional sources, using a wide variety of text formatting strategies that aren’t quite what you need. TextSoap removes unwanted text, fix-up carriage returns, tabs, and any other text-based totally formatting you would possibly come across. If you work with wealthy textual content, you can control text based on its format or layout text based totally on the text. In addition to over one hundred integrated cleaners, Textsoap additionally shall we users design custom solutions to their very own textual content-cleanup challenges. Whether you’re handling a few stray quotation marks or 300 pages of typos, there isn’t a mess it can’t handle.

TextSoap Lifetime Features Overview: 

  • Simplified workflow for cleaning clipboard contents
  • Integrated text editor w/ phrase count
  • Over one hundred pre-built cleanser solutions for text processing
  • Drag-and-drop custom cleaner actions for custom text processing solutions
  • Custom organizations allow smooth access to cleaners based totally on contemporary task
  • Powerful ordinary expression support
  • Global menu integration for a lot of your favoured apps
  • AppleScript guide for automation workflows


Stacksocial Price: 19.99 USD

Review & Ratings:  4.8 with 30 Reviews on Producthunt

Whats New: 

  • TextSoap has a fresh, new interface. We stripped off all the “chrome” to awareness to your content, whether you are operating with text, or constructing custom cleaners.


  • TextSoap makes a speciality of processing text, but sometimes you need a textual content editor too. It includes first-rate new alternatives like showing line numbers and being capable of toggle wrapping of lines.


  • TextSoap gives up a huge collection of extra than a hundred built-in cleaners. These cleaners can address your text problem completely, or serve as building blocks for a custom-designed text processing solution.


  • Live textual content matching is top-notch for attempting out ordinary expressions. As you kind in a valid expression, it indicates you all the fits for your textual content. See exactly how suits come up.
  • Sharing cleaners means it is simpler to create solutions for others, or use answers others have created. New library documents allow exporting a couple of cleaners inside a file.


  • Sometimes your unique text hassle calls for personalize solution. The effective new custom cleanser editor involves the rescue, all with a simple drag-n-drop approach.


  • Colour coded movements make it easy to examine a custom cleaner definition and understand which movements are doing what.


  • Regular Expressions are a effective way to find text. The new syntax highlighting helps you apprehend the ones expressions better. And the brand new expression validator makes it less difficult than ever to identify any capacity errors.


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