TaskomatTM makes you more efficient by maximizing your knowledge of your work through your data. Most freelancers and entrepreneurs are managing multiple projects simultaneously. This makes it difficult to plan, track, budget, and report on job progress.

Taskomat Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It is a platform that helps freelancers and entrepreneurs manage projects, time, performance, financials, clients, billing, and ROI.
  • It automates workflows, plans & tracks tasks, goals & projects, keeps track of budgets, and reports time spent
  • Invoices can be generated and sent for billing purposes.
  • This tool calculates the ROI of your projects based on the time invested in them.
  • The project management software enables you to manage projects from beginning to end and relate budgets to project completion times.
  • Businesses can also monitor their real-time performance metrics in the Dashboard – allowing you to see how much you have spent versus what you have billed.
  • Close Deals Faster By Sending Proposals
  • You can create beautiful proposals and estimates with just a few clicks.
  • A project can be converted into a proposal in just one click.
  • Automate The Billing And Invoicing Work
  • To analyze specific projects, you can issue invoices for your clients and associate them with particular tasks
  • Whenever you issue an invoice, a live progress bar lets you know how much has been shipped versus what you’ve billed, so you’ll always know what needs to be paid
  • The PDF can also be downloaded, customized with your company’s logo, sent directly to your client, and automated reminders for late payments sent.
  • Additional options include tax profile configuration and tax rate management.
  • With the DashboardDashboard, you can easily track your revenue goals.
  • This tool enables you to achieve your revenue targets.
  • You will also easily track important KPIs throughout your projects, such as time, budget, hourly rates, and other milestones
  • You can optimize your work processes
  • Automation and Time Saving: Automate Your Workflows
  • From project creation to task planning, execution to invoicing, and much more, automate your workflows today
  • By managing all your work in one place, you’ll save time and money, and you’ll have all the data you need, correctly organized, to conduct a deep business analysis
  • When you enable time tracking on a task, this tool will automatically keep track of the budget, the remaining time, and the work performed on a single project and each client.

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