TabExtend allows you to manage all of your browser tabs, notes, and reminders in one convenient location.  You can drag and drop tabs into groups, save them to a read-later folder, and share your workspaces with others privately or publicly. You can also create custom views of your favorite pages so that they’re always visible at a glance without having to go through all of your open tabs!

Managing your open tabs has never been easier than with TabExtend. And it’s all contained within one elegantly designed gadget that will make you feel calm on the inside. Drag and drop your browser tabs or instantly right-click any site to save it in a fresh and straightforward way.

Normally, lifetime access costs up to $778, but for a limited time only, you can purchase it for $59 one-time.

TabExtend Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create your own Kanban-style boards and dashboards, where you can quickly open and shut groups of tabs, add and mix notes, and share and collaborate.
  • You can access your notes from any device.
  • You can easily manage tabs, notes, and to-dos in your chosen browser
  • Handle tabs, notes, and to-dos with ease inside the attractive tab organizer
  • Add an extension to your browser
  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave are among the most popular browsers
  • Share an unlimited number of workspaces and tabs with others, either privately or publicly
  • Bookmarks and tabs are managed in a Kanban-style system
  • 1 user
  • Items can be saved indefinitely.
  • Workspaces that are limitless
  • Backups are made every day.
  • Organize tabs, notes, and to-dos.
  • Sort tabs into groups.
  • Board of Kanban
  • Search
  • Make groups with the most popular websites.
  • Themes
  • Workspaces that are shared
  • App for mobile devices (Soon)
  • Copy and paste the board (Soon)

TabExtend Dealify Price

TabExtend Price

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