Swish is a blogging tool that manages everything for you. It does not require maintenance and also supports multiple roles and permissions, custom domains, etc. Avoid spending more time writing articles than managing your blog. It provides everything you need to create a high-quality blog in the background.

With this tool, you can cross-post, optimize for SEO, capture statistics, and integrate with other programs. There are no cookie banners or ads, and the design is clean. Make sure your readers have a great experience. Our team of developers will perform all the necessary technical optimizations so that your site will appear in search results. When it comes to Technical SEO, this tool has a role to play as a platform to host your blog.

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Swish Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It offers several features that will help you optimize the SEO of your blog.
  • Post automatically to other platforms, including Medium, Dev. to, and Hashnode (others coming soon). You can also set the canonical URL
  • Get a detailed analysis of how your blog performs. We collect all data in a responsible, private, and accountable way.
  • Integrating your blog with other systems is essential, so this tool has integrations that allow you to link your blog to other services.
  • Manage user permissions and add as many users as you like. Add contributors, add editors; there are no limits.
  • You do not need to buy a swish.ink domain, you can use your own
  • The images you upload to a post are served with this tool. You will never need to worry about external images when you add them to an external site.
  • RSS Feeds are generated for every blog. To access the feed, go to /feed.xml. RSS readers allow your users to read your content.
  • Technical standards are respected and automated – speed, sitemaps, feeds, Core Web Vitals, etc., without requiring any input from the user.
  • Cross-post your content on other platforms automatically to increase exposure.
  • For each blog, there is no limit to the number of users.
  • Website loading speed
  • Consolidating the domains
  • Using canonical URLs
  • URL structure
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Sitemaps
  • User-friendly
  • Find Roadmap

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