Swipenote assists individuals and businesses by bringing everything they need from the internet together in a single, searchable, and connected location. You can form teams, share content, and assign tasks (or subspace) using a personalized Workspace. Use ‘labels,’ ‘cards,’ ‘filters,’ ‘group chat,’ and other tools to collaborate and track any assigned tasks.

SwipeNote Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Save any Social posts, videos, or advertisements with a single click.
  • Save everything in one searchable and connected location.
  • Using a highly adaptable Project Management Tool, you can manage and collaborate on any project from start to finish by planning, assigning, and tracking. Everything is in One Place!!
  • Save Facebook posts and ads, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Amazon product listings, Zillow, and a variety of other items. Full-page screenshots, regional screenshots, and Kindle highlights can all be captured. Save URLs and any text content from the Internet in a searchable location.
  • Create cards within a folder/subfolder to organize your saved content and add tags, notes, and filters for easy access. You can also edit individual cards, annotate them, and share them with a few simple clicks. Receive daily inbox reminders.
  • Workspace allows you to assign, collaborate, track, and manage any type of work in order to meet team objectives.
  • You can work smarter as a team with real-time chat, mentions, and file sharing. Stay on track to meet your objectives with drag-and-drop task completion targets.
  • You can capture an entire webpage and save it as a card in different folders. Tags, notes, and descriptions can be added on the fly for future reference.
  • You can capture a partial or regional webpage, add tags, notes, and descriptions on the fly, and save it as cards in various folders.
  • Import all of your Kindle highlights and organize them by book title with a single click. Your imports can be edited, sorted, and shared with others. Receive a daily e-mail reminder of the same.
  • Highlight text on any web page or article and drag it to your folder(s) for later use.
  • Keep all of your favorite URLs in one place and accessible from any device. It is far superior to a browser’s favorites list.
  • Create shortcut keys for a specific function in the extension
  • Unlimited number of Folders/Subfolder
  • Unlimited Workspace/Subspace on a Single Car
  • Save Unlimited Social Content
  • Tags/Notes/Favorites are unlimited
  • Unlimited Share, Invite, and Collaborat
  • Highlights from the Kindle Daily Reminder Import Email Support for Images, Word Docs, PDFs, XLXS, PPTs, and TXT File
  • Image Enhancement
  • Create Card Reminders and Due Date
  • Personalized Section Concerning My Word
  • Modes: Dark/Ligh
  • Mentions and notifications

Swipenote Dealmirror Price

Swipenote price

swipenote price

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