Superdense is a compact method of saving your bookmarks, replacing the conventional way of finding (forgetting) them for use. This tool allows you to store your bookmarks with accessible icon identifiers instead of cluttering the bookmark bar. Set up an account, and you’re ready to add and organize your bookmarks.

You can name categories of bookmarks on the homepage by tapping the ‘+’ button. Bookmarks can be categorized in many different ways based on your preferences.

Superdense Lifeitme Deal Features Overview: 

  • By tapping the edit icon at the bottom right of the page, you can easily add, remove, and drag bookmarks to wherever you want.
  • You can keep your team informed by sharing links and resources as a business owner. Send invitations to your team to grant them access, and they get to share in the fun.
  • You can add your webpage to your profile by clicking the update button. Now people will know something about you.
  • Bookmarks are unlimited
  • There are no restrictions on categories
  • Bio-on Public Pages
  • Design Your Theme
  • Management of a team
  • Icon creation customized to your needs
  • Sharing of public profiles
  • The plan includes future updates & integrations
  • Upload custom icons
  • Drag and drop to organize bookmarks and categories
  • Access your favorites in all your browsers on all devices
  • Public profile: promote your portfolio sites and endorse the tools you use most often
  • Mark categories as public or private to show or hide on your public page
  • Find the roadmap.

Superdense Saasmantra Price

superdense price

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