In business, you will need to focus on lead generation, revenue, relationships, business funnels, etc. Your business plan can be built using Sturppy if you do not wish to spend time learning to account.

The Sturppy platform empowers you to create financial models, cash flow statements, and other financial information for your business plan without spending time learning to account. You can share any project you create with Investors, Stakeholders, or partners with read-only access in your account. All your teammates can always join in on various projects inside your account to provide inputs, and you can always loop in all of them.

Sturppy Lifetime deal features overview:

  • This allows you and your team to get a clear picture of how many customers you need to be profitable, to meet your financial goals for the quarter/year, the runaway you have, etc.
  • Based on your inputs, the tool will generate Financial Projections, Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and Valuation of your Company.
  • You can change all your inputs to retrieve updated predictions. And you can do this “N” times for every project.
  • Artificial intelligence evaluates the financial model to determine how realistic it is, ranging from category to category.
  • If you share the unique link with investors & stakeholders, they can check out the financial model for free (Goodbye, PDF) & gain deeper insights.
  • In the simplest terms,  it simplifies the process of creating financial models and makes the model more appealing to investors.
  • Monthly paying customers to pay $50 per month for the Premium plan, which includes unlimited projects & users.
  • Currently, you can get the same plan for $19/one-time, which also includes updates & integrations in the future.
  • It estimates income, balance sheet, and cash flow statements for your startup, all automatically.
  • For solopreneurs, small startups, indie hackers, self-funded, bootstrapped, or planning startups, it makes financial modeling easier.
  • SaaS, e-commerce, mobile apps, and SaaS platforms will work well. You can also combine different revenue models.
  • Your startup is valued automatically based on the projected cash flow after you create the financial model.
  • For you, we prepare an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  • You can choose whether your projections are monthly, quarterly or annual.
  • Send investors your financial model on an interactive dashboard instead of a static PDF.
  • Easily create multiple scenarios for your model depending on whether things go exceptionally well.
  • Avoid Errors and Uncertainty.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Preview Link for Investors.
  • Multiple Business Models.
  • AI Assistant.
  • Smart Valuation.
  • Financial Statements.
  • Dynamic Forecast Length.
  • Multi-Period Projections.
  • Multiple Projects.
  • Hiring Plan.
  • Scenario Planning.
  • Future updates & integrations are included.
  • 30 days refund policy.

Sturppy is quite simple to use.

  • Create a New Project
  • Please select your financial modeling experience by selecting yes/no.
  • You can choose between SaaS, eCommerce, and mobile applications.
  • Fill out Customer Acquisition Cost, Conversion Rate & Expenses
  • That’s it

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