Stat Track is the answer to taking your website to new heights with its built-in tools such as analytics, visitor behaviour, heatmaps, and many more that assist you in making decisions based on exact data to improve your website. Stat Track is the solution to bringing your website to new heights. Put an end to your website’s performance issues by making sure both your data and the data of your users are safe. The experience that your users have is elevated to a new level thanks to this technology.

Stat Track Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • ANALYTICS: Offers you a streamlined and uncomplicated interface, together with analytics that are straightforward and easy to grasp.
  • BEHAVIOR OF VISITORS You should follow each visitor around your site and observe what they are doing, but you shouldn’t intrude on their privacy.
  • REAL-TIME DATA: Determine how many users are currently logged in, which devices are the most often used, and which webpages are accessed the most frequently.
  • PRIVACY: Provides full control over your data.
  • SESSION RECORDING Allows you to view where your users are clicking, which buttons are being used the most, and other information.
  • HEATMAPS: This feature offers heatmaps to better understand the preferences of users.

Why You Should Choose Stat Track Provides exact statistics to help you make decisions based on the data.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • The ownership of your data as well as the data of your users ensures the protection of their privacy.
  • Offers a unique and invaluable perspective
  • A committed team of support personnel.
  • Uncountable numbers of website
  • Unlimited pageviews for one website each and every month
  • Events That Allow Unlimited Visitors to track data on a monthly basis, for each website
  • 600 Days The Storage of Information Regarding Visitors to the Event
  • Unrestricted Number of Sessions Replays on a monthly basis, on each website
  • 600 Days The Storage of Information for Sessions Replay
  • Uncountable numbers of websites Heatmap
  • Unlimited Achieved Goals That Are Tracke
  • Unlimited number of user-created domain
  • Monthly Reports sent through email
  • Team
  • No Ad
  • API Access

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