Smmall Cloud is the targeted, customized, and quick file-sharing service you’ve been looking for. Sharing is as simple as dragging, dropping, and sharing. Additionally, the Mac software allows you to share screenshots. Unlike other file-sharing platforms, Smmall Cloud allows you to completely customize the experience with your branding, links, and custom domain, ensuring that every file you upload promotes your brand and generates traffic to your projects.

Smmall Cloud Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Use your profile page to highlight what you’re working on and direct attention to your other projects.
  • It provides a full overview of all activity associated with your files and your team’s work.
  • Track views across your whole account and obtain vital insights about referrers and top-performing files.
  • Each page is completely customizable to perfectly integrate with your specific assets.
  • Put your brand front and center for a professional and personalized touch with our Mac software.
  • It allows for easy online file sharing. When you need to present your photographs precisely, try using Smmall Cloud. Support for Retina Graphics
    Videos. There’s no clutter or comments, just streaming video.
  • Full support for Markdown documents and PDFs in the browser.
  • Quickly distribute and preview PDFs directly in the browser.
  • Audio. Quickly distribute audio files for your music project or podcast.
  • The Mac software lets you share your screenshots in a single step.
small cloud stacksocial price
small cloud stacksocial price

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