Smart Quiz Builder allows you to create funnels to generate leads, segment your audience, and recommend the right products and resources to all your prospects. This tool can help all your visitors to spend more time on your site and get you more relevant data. You can also tag, segment, and deliver highly customized offers to your prospects.

You can create a quiz in minutes by choosing the quiz type, customizing the template, integrating the quiz with your email client, and following the steps in the user-friendly quiz builder. You can use the platform’s visual funnel builder to create questions with various options, such as multiple-choice questions and rating scales, and branch logic based on your decisions.

Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It is possible to nurture leads more effectively by sending them to a personalized outcome page or redirecting them to an appropriate product recommendation page after analyzing their results.
  • You can optimize how your survey looks for mobile users like pop-ups, in-page, or pop-overs and create a different optimized style for desktop users.
  • You can even use emojis, GIFs, and images when you are answering questions
  • You can also publish quizzes anywhere by using this tool, even if it is a WordPress plugin
  • Utilize feedback surveys, conditional logic, analytics, and more to get your prospects’ responses.
  • You can also track the performance and results of each quiz directly from the dashboard by viewing the most popular answer choices, the total number of users, and more.
  • By analyzing their survey responses, you can present your visitors with the most relevant content and offers.
  • All leading marketing automation and email platforms are compatible with this tool so that you can integrate it seamlessly with any existing lead generation process.
  • Three types of quizzes are available: personality tests, scoring tests, and assessments.
  • An alternative tool to  TryInteract, Typeform and Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Calculators
  • Surveys
  • All questions types
  • Marketing and Email platform integrations
  • Branching logic and Quiz funnels
  • Advanced customizer
  • Create your quiz
  • Amazing animations
  • Get analytics and reports in detail.
  • Adding share buttons to social media
  • Email notifications for students and administrators
  • Calculations by category
  • Customize mobile views
  • Pre-built quizzes
  • Embed code
  • Timed quizzes

Smart Quiz Builder Appsumo Price

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