Skymel’s sophisticated API suite allows you to instantly recognize and categorize photos as safe or harmful, detect AI-generated content, and generate context-aware tags.

Skymel offers three API variants with varying features:

  • Skymel Safe/dangerous Image Detection API 1 is a sophisticated AI tool that identifies and classifies photos as safe or dangerous depending on given characteristics.
  • Skymel AI-Generated Image Detection API 2 is an AI-based solution for detecting and distinguishing AI-generated photos from real, human-captured photographs.
  • Skymel Image Tag/Prompt Generation API is a sophisticated AI-powered tool that generates suitable tags or prompts based on an image’s content.
  • Skymel can increase user engagement, safeguard against deep fakes, and improve searchability.
  • API 1: Image Detection API (Safe/Unsafe)
  • Capable of recognizing the possibly dangerous, unsuitable, or obscene photo
  • Capability to integrate with any existing platform or system
  • Machine learning techniques provide high accuracy
  • Real-time detection for immediate action
  • Strong and adaptable to a wide variety of picture styles and material
  • AI-Generated Image Detection API
  • The ability to distinguish between AI-created and camera-taken images is useful for detecting deep fakes and modified visual information. Advanced Deep Learning algorithms are used for high accuracy
  • Aids in the detection of deep fakes and synthetic media
  • Rapid processing time
  • Image Tag/Prompt Generation API
  • Generates precise, context-aware picture tags, allowing for improved image classification, searchability, and context understanding
  • Machine learning is used to generate context-aware tags
  • It improves image searchability and organizing
  • Adapts to diverse image styles and type
  • Skymel Can Be Used By: The Safe/Unsafe Image Detection API can be used by the following applications
  • Social networking site
  • Digital advertising firm
  • Platforms for user-generated content
  • Educational establishment
  • Corporate institutions that want to keep their visual content safe and acceptable
  • The AI-Generated Image Detection API can be used by the following applications
  • Teams of digital forensic
  • Cybersecurity companies
  • News organization
  • Social networking site
  • Image Tag/Prompt Generation API is useful for: Anyone who needs to confirm the validity of visual content
  • E-commerce companies
  • Online marketers
  • SEO specialists
  • Websites that sell stock photo
  • Platforms that handle big image databases

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