Sessions is a meeting platform that enables users to develop and host interactive customer experiences through the use of webinars, workshops, and product demonstrations. This tool gives you the ability to integrate essential apps and files into your meeting room, as well as a fully interactive agenda, which ensures that everyone is physically on the same page.

This indicates that you will have the ability to direct talks and host meetings with outcomes that are focused and clear. You may also easily share the agenda of upcoming meetings with your team, which will make real-time cooperation much simpler.

Sessions Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • In addition, you will be able to store agendas for meetings as templates, which you will be able to quickly access and utilize for subsequent sessions
  • You will be able to cultivate a personal connection with your participants and create rapport with your customers by making use of the amazing immersive video conferencing capability
  • Allow users to “control” the mouse and interact with your product for a more hands-on experience to take product demonstrations to the next level and give them a more authentic feel for the product
  • Put an end to the uncomfortable practice of screen-sharing! You’ll have the ability to integrate technologies like Google Drive, Miro, Figma, and Canva into your meetings so that working together is easier and less stressful
  • Your live webinars and workshops can also include films, documents, whiteboards, websites, quizzes, polls, and breakout rooms to ensure that participants remain interested during the entirety of the event
  • It includes an AI-enabled copilot that can produce agenda drafts in a matter of seconds! You have the option of either editing the draft to meet your requirements or running it through AI once more to generate further ideas
  • The AI copilot is able to automatically transcribe gatherings such as meetings and seminars, producing documents that are well-organized and include time stamps and names of speakers
  • Regardless of where your speakers and guests are phoning in from, you can make it simple for them to follow along with the presentation by using live transcripts
  • When the meeting is complete, you won’t be at a loss for what to do because you’ll have the ability to record notes and a summary of what was discussed automatically
  • You also have the option to synchronize your calendar with this tool, which enables clients to arrange meetings based on your actual availability at any given time
  • Using this platform, you are able to produce booking links in a variety of bespoke forms and time slots. You even have the option to pre-load each meeting’s agenda as well as the presentation materials
  • It won’t be difficult to find people to invite to your meetings. Sending automatic email invitations and calendar invites is also an option, as is initiating a session from within Slack, your calendar, or your web browser
  • In addition, you’ll have the ability to build brand experiences that are consistent throughout by designing bespoke event sites and registration forms
  • Using the copilot, which is powered by AI, you may automate laborious chores such as drafting agendas and doing transcriptions
  • Using just one subscription, you can efficiently manage the whole meeting lifecycle of your firm, from bookings to huge webinars.
sessions regular pricing
sessions regular pricing
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sessions appsumo price

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