SEO Generator is a WordPress plugin that creates landing pages for every possible combination of keywords and locations while you write only one page. The SEO Generator replaces keywords and locations with shortcodes. This is how it works.

You’ll construct a single SEO text that includes shortcodes instead of keywords (or keyphrases) and places. Next, you’ll provide a list of keywords and locations. And the plugin will create a page for each combination.

SEO Generator Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can use these shortcodes in the main text and headers, as well as the page URL, title, meta description, and alt tags.
  • You’d definitely target keywords like hair salon, hairdresser, and hair stylist. Amsterdam, the Museum Quarter neighbourhood, and Amstelveen (a neighbouring town) are all relevant locales.
  • The plugin will now generate nine pages, each including three keywords and three places.
  • You will not have to stop there: 20 keywords and 300 locations will generate 6000 pages. With the same effort!
  • It will not litter your WordPress website with thousands of actual pages. It will only generate one page for each set of keywords and location.
  • For SEO nerds, the plugin simply generates URLs and adds them to the sitemap. When a given URL is visited, the shortcodes are substituted with the appropriate keywords and places in the frontend.
  • The plugin also generates archive pages that connect to the created pages, which improves internal linking.
  • Every created page has a breadcrumb trail for the same reason.
  • A separate XML sitemap is generated for indexing reasons, which can also be manually submitted to Google Search Console.
  • Because the created pages’ URLs, headers, page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and last changed dates are all unique, the vast majority of them will be properly indexed.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that duplicating material is purely a ranking issue. It does not result in your website being penalised. It’s simply that Google prefers unique content.
  • If you want to write thousands of unique pages (and have the time to do it). Go for it! If not, simply write one fantastic page and use this plugin to generate thousands with a single click.
seo generator appsumo price
seo generator appsumo price
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seo generator regular pricing


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