SelfCAD is a user-friendly 3D modelling application that comes complete with all the tools you need to create 3D designs from scratch. It offers a user-friendly interface that mimics the organic flow of design, making it simple to locate your tools at all times while working.

The tool allows you to import pre-made objects like SVG files or photos because it supports all industry-standard 3D formats. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly turn sketches and primitives into 3D objects.

SelfCAD Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It’s simple to work on transformations, deformations, UV mapping, and rendering thanks to an interface built for beginners.
  • The selection panel can be used to manually transform any face, edge, or vertex of an object.
  • You can find tooltips and other tools to assist with your designs, regardless of how complex the 3D drawing, model, or prototype is
  • Additionally, tool behaviour can be adjusted automatically based on your work mode, ensuring that the entire design process runs without a hitch
  • Investigate the app’s interactive tutorials and pre-made 3D modelling projects if you’re experiencing a technical or creative block
  • Simply select an item, go through the step-by-step instructions, and let the platform highlight what you need to click or alter to finish your creation
  • You can jump into interactive classes or create your own tutorials from beginning, regardless of your level of experience with 3D design
  • If you ever find yourself genuinely stuck, you can use the tools, advice, and specialised tutorials provided by the support staff to get you back on cours
  • Picture-perfect renderings are easy to export thanks to a built-in rendering engine that does all the work for you
  • Additionally, you have access to a variety of materials, lighting options, and sculpting tools for creating organic structures
  • Use adaptable storage options whether you’re using a local device, a browser, or a combination of both
  • You do not need to go for another programme to prepare your 3D models for manufacturing because this tool supports all popular 3D printers
  • Utilize strong tools to create 3D models on a user-friendly interface
  • Shapr3D and Vectary are alternative
  • Create your own tutorials or use interactive, in-app guides to learn
  • Best for: Those wishing to streamline processes using a strong 3D modelling application, including graphic artists, educators, and independent contractors
  • Tools for mesh modelling
  • Tools for sketching and drawing
  • Carving implement
  • Interactive instruction
  • Integration with MyMiniFactory
  • Import and export files directly
  • Deforming equipment
  • 3D conversion of photo
  • Tools for 3D sketching

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