Scribe allows you to add CTAs and promotional banners in email signatures for effective branding and campaign purpose. This is the customizable tool for an email signature for better marketing.

Scribe Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Add the call to action button easily.
  • An alternative tool to my Signature.
  • Add promotional banners to email signatures.
  • Track and analyze email signature conversion rates.
  • Also, schedule changes for marketing banners.
  • The best tool for marketing agencies and customer outreach.
  • Prebuilt signature templates.
  • Just upload the image and add the link to it.
  • Quickly create banners with clickable signatures.
  • Automatically update the signature with the scheduled information.
  • Track engagement with detailed analytics.
  • Check how many people have seen your signature and got engaged with it.
  • Increase the performance with clicks and views analyzation.
  • Choose from a variety of premade templates.
  • Send images by using our own domain.
  • Easily stack up to 10 codes.
  • One-click installation.
  • Co-workers’ signature personalization.
  • 3 License.
  • Create top design email signatures in no time
  • Add Call to Actions and Banners to your signatures to increase sales and brand awareness
  • Iterate on your marketing message thanks to the Scribe analytics which helps you track conversion rates
  • Create departments (sale, product, customer service…) for tailored marketing messages. Ex: “Book a demo” for Sale, “Join webinar” for marketing, “Give us your feedback” for Customer Service, etc …
  • Install these signatures across your team in one click
  • Schedule marketing campaigns in advance to automatically change CTA and Banners in related departments.

To clarify the deal :
1 license = 1 email signature that you can use on unlimited email providers (G-suite, Gmail, Outlook …)

Example -> For a company of 25 employees you will need 25 licenses as 1 license = 1 signature 🙂

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