ScrapeLocal is a strong tool for obtaining contact information from website URLs and Google Maps. Get email addresses, social media handles, and insights into the build of potential leads’ websites (CMS, plugin information, pixels) and export them in a simple CSV file.

Simply enter the keyword and target area, and begin scraping Google Maps to obtain your leads’ contact information and social media handles in a downloadable CSV file.

ScrapeLocal Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Create a large database of potential leads and begin cold phoning them
  • Fine-tune your sales technique to convert hyper-local leads into repeat buyers.
  • Conduct in-depth market research to find trends and common behaviours among your competitors.
  • Identify the major market players’ online behavioural patterns (for example, discount announcements and hashtags used for promotional events)
  • Get a thorough perspective of the market and adjust your sales plan to increase conversions.
  • Examine your competitors’ website architecture, including their content management system (CMS), plugins, and tracking pixels, to gain information.
  • Gain useful insights about your competitors and their digital initiatives
  • Gain a competitive advantage by learning about their CMS platform or the tools they employ for website optimisation
  • Extract essential metrics from Google My Business (GMB) listings, such as review counts, ratings, and photo counts, to gain vital insights.
  • Get a full perspective of firms’ performance and engagement levels with the ‘Google My Business’ tool
  • Monitor the company’s internet presence, evaluate its online reputation, and find opportunities for improvement
  • Snoop on your competitors while being compliant
  • Alternatives to Mapsscraper, Dataminer, and Scrapeher
  • Ideal for social media strategists, B2B lead generation professionals, and marketing agencies.


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