Scrapbook has already done the research for you. This database will help you discover 280+ growth tactics used by startups such as Slack, Hubspot, and Atlassian. The Scrapbook growth marketing tactics database is the only one of its kind.

ScrapBook Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • There are 280+ tactics that can be sorted by funnel level, for both SaaS and eCommerce businesses.
  • Discover how to launch a website that drives traffic, generates leads, sell online, and generates SaaS revenue.
  • We offer proven growth tactics at every stage of the funnel, from acquisition through activation and retention.
  • Every month, company case studies and new growth tactics are added.
  • Get instant access to 280+ growth marketing tactics used by hyper-growth tech companies such as Slack and Dropbox. You’ll never run out of tactics again.
  • Build your SaaS business with 280+ easy-to-filter ideas for every step of the funnel.
  • You can find things that don’t scale for your first users, ad tactics, website A/B test ideas, content and SEO tactics, and unconventional ways to reach your audience. Filter by required budget.
  • Increase the number of users who see the value of your product with email, in-app onboarding, psychological, and gamification tactics. Test new ways that incentivize users to interact with your product.
  • Increasing retention is over 2x as good as increasing acquisition, so find new ways to keep customers coming back and decrease churn.
  • Discover ways to make existing customers recommend your product to others, and make the entire process as efficient as possible.
  • Converting more free users to customers, increasing average order value, optimizing pricing, increasing the perceived value of your product, and more will help you convert more free users to customers.
  • 180+ eCommerce growth tactics
  • 280+ SaaS growth tactics
  • Tactics used by hyper-growth startups
  • New growth tactics added each month
  • Filter by tactic type, page type, and tag
  • Get notified whenever a new tactic gets added

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