Scopa enables you to embed shoppable tags for numerous products on website photos to increase traffic to product pages and increase conversions, You can add tags to the photos on your website will increase traffic and increase sales thanks to no-code tagging technology. Simply paste the URL of your website into the search bar, and it will compile both the web and mobile versions of all of your photographs at once.

Then, you may add a variety of product links to each of your photographs and information such as the product name, destination URL, and pricing. The default tag design for the product is based on what converts on well-known social media sites, but tags can also be customized.

Scopa Shoppable Product Tagging Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can easily add your own theme. Simply add your company’s trademark colors, develop a tag style, and save everything with a new theme name.
  • Shoppable tags will always look excellent on your website or any of your clients thanks to the easy customization options available to you.
  • You can quickly understand how tags will affect the user experience by previewing them on any image.
  • When you’re through customizing your tags for various screen sizes, simply click “Publish” and watch your tags appear on both the web and mobile devices.
  • Instant product discovery for customers, higher content conversion rates, and cross-selling integration into your e-commerce strategy are all made possible by your tags.
  • Your tags allow you to track the success of both individual products and pieces of content by adding various parameters.
  • Find out which goods are top choices for website visitors by getting a complete overview of impressions, hovers, and clicks.
  • You can streamline tagging and do all of your data analysis in one location thanks to integration with Google Analytics or your favorite e-commerce platform.
  • Integrations with product feeds are available for uploads on several platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, BigCommerce, and Wix.
  • Modifying the theme
  • Tracking for analytics that is automatic and programmable
  • The ability to use the integrations and product feed upload features
  • Autonomous onsite publishing
  • Controls over user behaviour
  • Website labeling for shoppable products
  • Links per image, whether one or more
  • Improved analytics, automated content interaction tracking, and specialized analytics for optimization
  • Boost affiliate clicks, conversions, and income to scale affiliate revenue
  • More product page visits, contextual cross-selling, and higher average order values
  • For customers’ content marketing, SEO, and CRO initiatives, create shoppable tags.

Scopa Appsumo Price

Scopa Price

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