Scanlist is an on-demand lead-generating service that, at your request, pulls the highest-quality contact details from LinkedIn profiles and then uses artificial intelligence to compose personalised cold messages to send to those contacts.

You get up-to-date contact information from LinkedIn, including emails that have been confirmed and more than 20 other data points. With the help of Scanlist AI, you can generate leads of high quality and produce personalised message sequences more quickly than other humans.

Scanlist Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Perform a search on LinkedIn using your target audience, and then hit the button; the tool will handle the rest of the process and save the results.
  • It will then generate a personalised cold message for you automatically based on the scraped profile data.
  • Choose the method that best fits your needs: a direct email, a connection message on LinkedIn, or an ice-breaker
  • With just a few clicks, you can export your lists, complete with scraped data, contact information, and personalised message paragraphs. It’s all set to go!
  • LinkedIn may be used to harvest company email addresses, which can then be used to generate lead lists. Execute email verification directly where it is needed to confirm that the emails are correct, valid, and able to be delivered.
  • Any LinkedIn persons search, any Sales Navigator search or even Sales Navigator lists can have their contact information exported.
  • In just a few short minutes, you can generate dozens upon dozens of personalised messages. There are three different kinds available: first cold emails, communications sent through LinkedIn connections, and personalised icebreakers
  • While the tool takes care of the more mundane aspects of the job, you may direct your creative energy towards more critical sales activities, such as engaging with leads
  • Maintain a high level of competitiveness by having up-to-date and accurate B2B contact data readily available. Find email addresses for use in outreach initiatives and evaluate the performance of AI all within the same platform
  • Construct solid talent pipelines and cut down on the amount of time spent closing applicants. While you concentrate on increasing candidate engagement and meeting hiring standards, you may take advantage of automated recruiting operations and have precise contact data at your disposal.
Scanlist Appsumo Price
Scanlist Appsumo Price
Scanlist Regular Price
Scanlist Regular Price

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