SalesRobot is a tool that automates the launch of multiple LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns. This tool allows you to launch multiple cold outreach campaigns via LinkedIn and email to maximise lead generation.

You can select from a library of ready-made templates that can be fully customised to meet your specific campaign objectives. Following launch, you can track campaigns and prospects from a single dashboard, ensuring that you always know how everything is performing.

SalesRobot Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It allows you to easily create message sequences from a library of high-converting templates to automate your outreach.
  • Bypass LinkedIn’s networking restrictions to send over 200 messages to LinkedIn groups and event attendees each day, as well as 20 connection requests.
  • You can schedule and gradually increase message frequency to avoid flagging and keep your automated messages feeling more human.
  • It allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard, tracking subscription statuses, account health, and custom tags
  • Furthermore, this platform uses data to create connection requests that make your leads feel like they’re speaking with a real person rather than an automated bot
  • That means you can use AI to generate highly personalised connection request messages and maximise the value of your LinkedIn connections
  • You can now concentrate less on pitching specific people and more on the overall performance of your lead-generation campaigns
  • The tool not only automates your outreach process but also optimises campaign performance
  • You’ll gain insight into the performance of your campaigns over time, including response rates and prospect statuses
  • You can also find your prospects’ email addresses and use automation to create an accurate list.
  • Each user receives 5 AI-personalized connection requests per da
  • Per user, LinkedIn events generate 100 profile outreaches per day
  • 200 LinkedIn group profile outreaches per user per da
  • Per user, hashtag searches result in 30 profile outreaches per day
  • 30 profile outreaches per user per day from likes and comment
  • Obtain free email addresses and phone numbers for prospects
  • Mini CRM, intelligent inbox, and auto follow-up
  • All Zapier and Integromat webhook integration
  • Dashboard for action, location, and prospect insight
  • Countless automated reports are available
  • Use a single sales navigation account across multiple LinkedIn profiles
  • Rotate connection requests across profiles automatically
  • Prospects blacklisted based on company and prospects duplicated in multiple LinkedIn account
  • Image customization in conjunction with
  • To avoid having your account flagged by Linkedin, use safe mode
  • A dedicated cloud IP address to keep your LinkedIn account secure
  • Manage templates for multiple users and assign different role-based access controls to each.

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