Rune HR is an AI-powered online applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to help tech recruitment companies streamline their hiring processes. This AI ATS streamlines every aspect of the recruitment process, from discovering top people to making the ideal placement.

Rune HR Deal Features Overview:

  • It supports unlimited job posts.
  • It allows you to use complex filters to narrow down your search based on specific criteria like talents, experience, and geography.
  • Once applicants are identified, the pipeline dashboard provides a clear picture of their progress through the hiring process.
  • It enables recruiters to simply follow each candidate’s status.
  • It works flawlessly with LinkedIn, allowing recruiters to bookmark profiles, companies, and more with a single click.
  • The Tech Recruitment Platform enables recruitment teams to collaborate effortlessly.
  • There is no restriction on how many items you can save. Our per-user price structure grows with your organization.
  • You can save candidates and companies without leaving LinkedIn.
  • Look for talent by name, location, contacts, language, and resume keywords.
  • See where each contender stands in their trip at a glance.
  • Set how long you want to keep data for candidates at various stages. it will handle the rest!
  • We believe you should be able to integrate in any way you need, thus we provide full API access at no additional cost.
  • Your data can be imported and exported via APIs. Your IT team should be able to handle it, and we’re pleased to help you with the migration.
  • It comes with a sophisticated API that allows you to incorporate it into any process. No matter how large you get, Rune HR will be there.
rune hr dealfuel price
rune hr dealfuel price


rune hr regular pricing
rune hr regular pricing

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