You can host virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain with Run The World. Manage various events including networking happy hours, multi-track conferences, payments, recordings, ticket sales, etc.

Run The World Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Alternative to: Zoom
  • A Groupie photo booth and a live Q&A session will connect attendees with one-on-one speed networking, small-group discussions, and live Q&A sessions.
  • Ideal for: Event organizers, marketers, and community leaders that want to hold fun, memorable events.
  • Running The World takes care of virtual event registration, ticketing, hosting, emailing, payments, community, recording, and more from A to Z
  • It can be shared using a simple URL, making it easy to share events and ensuring that attendees don’t experience log-in or download issues
  • “Cocktail Party” is a great way to set up speed networking sessions for your attendees
  • Let attendees make new connections and rekindle old ones by varying the length of each round and its number.
  • There is also a Round Table option that allows attendees to discuss topics and meet in small groups of three to eight people
  • You can assign attendees to groups and set topics as a host.
  • The host has the opportunity to arrange Round Table groups and attendees can jump between topics
  • With everyone looking at a screen, it’s not always easy to keep them attentive
  • Engage your attendees by allowing them to take part in the conversation or to engage in live Q&A, using the Grab the Mic feature
  • There is a virtual queue that attendees can join to wait in line for speakers
  • Audience participation is enabled through Grab the Mic, along with life Q&A
  • Your attendees should remember your event as awesome
  • You can commemorate your events in the photobooth by taking a shareable Groupie
  • Additionally, you can work with intro music, polls, stretch breaks, and sponsor shoutouts to make your event stand out in the sea of Zoom calls.
  • To document your awesome event, don’t forget to post an awesome Groupie
  • You never have to go to an event without knowing who you’re going to mee
  • An online community is integrated into every event, so attendees can chat during and after the event
  • The host gets to own their attendee list and can message superfans at any time because hosts deserve extra perks
  • Build communities by taking control of your attendee list
  • It’s hard to realize how difficult that can be, especially when you’re trying to end a Zoom call too quickly
  • It will make sure your attendees leave your event feeling satisfied and happy
  • No matter if your events are virtual or real, they’re all about the people
  • 15% of the ticket price
  • Access chat logs, polls, and attendee lists
  • A maximum of three sessions are allowed per event
  • Brand color
  • Multiple stages
  • Single, multiple, & parallel sessions
  • HD recording & ability to charge for recording
  • Breakout roundtable (topic-based breakouts)
  • Lead generation survey tool
  • Cocktail Party® for 1:1 speed networking
  • The ability to drive sales through call-to-action during events
  • Full event report (attendee demographics, engagement
  • Management of tickets and registrations
  • Our all-around community includes message boards and attendee directories
  • Members have access to a music library and can bid on events.

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