Rollcall makes it easier for remote teams to work together with built-in scheduling and integrations to tech stacks. Provide live and pre-recorded audio, video, and screen share updates

Rollcall Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Geekbot is an alternative
  • Integrate Jira, Slack, and GitHub to get work done more efficiently
  • Those who want to stay connected while maximizing productivity and reducing the number of calls during the day.
  • Forget the difficulties with technical issues and schedule issues that plague video conferencing
  • It allows you to schedule pre-recorded asynchronous standups with audio, video, text, and screen share capabilitie
  • Each team member can record their update and participate in the standup rather than attending a live meeting.
  • Share recordings of meetings with the right people and adjust a meeting’s settings to fit your team’s availability.
  • In remote meetings, staying on time—and on task—isn’t an easy task.
  • It lets you organize meetings remotely with team members in any time zone, ensuring that no one misses a meeting.
  • Once you schedule your meeting, your attendees can see the agenda in advance, thus making sessions more productive.
  • Once everyone’s finished, it lets you share the standup to your channel, so you’ll never deal with internet issues or delays.
  • Access team participation data, schedule standups, and view recorded standups in your dashboard
  • This tool seamlessly integrates with Slack, so you never have to interrupt your work
  • To submit an update, simply create a meeting and pick a submission window
  • Each team member can make a recording on their own time and attach any links to documents or files
  • If you like, you can then share your recorded standup on your favorite chat channel once the event is complete
  • After all the attendees have submitted their updates, you should view the concatenated meeting
  • A national—and international—team can be complicated to work with
  • You can easily schedule a meeting timeframe that will help you coordinate with team members around the world
  • You never have to fear inviting a teammate outside of their working hours to a meeting
  • In addition, Rollcall reminds your teams of meetings so they can record and share their updates\
  • You can track attendance, engagement, and trends related to your meeting
  • It’s hard to know if everyone’s showing up and participating in video meetings
  • Once a standup has been recorded, all team members can watch the recording
  • On the dashboard, you can see the attendance history of your team
  • There are many benefits to working remotely—no commute, casual dres’s code, more time with furry friends
  • Although remote teams struggle to stay in sync and on-task, that’s not one of them
  • Video meetings that go back-to-back need to go the way of the dodo. Stay connected with your team the smart way.
  • Install Slack (1 license per organization)
  • There is no limit to the number of simultaneous meetings.
  • A text standup, video standup, or audio standup
  • You can record desktops & mobiles
  • Reminders customized for Slack
  • Message delivery over shared channels
  • GitHub, JIRA, and Links to Custom Tasks integrations
  • Team analytics dashboard
  • Custom agendas

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