Riivu is an all-encompassing application for managing reviews that allows you to Monitor, Generate, Share, and Manage your online reviews. It can integrate with more than 20 review websites, such as Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, making it simple to get feedback from a wide variety of sources. This technology gives your company more power and helps boost the reputation of your brand, which in turn attracts new clients.

You can do ntegrations with More Than 20 Review Sites You can easily manage your online reviews from more than 20 different sites all from a single location. Protecting Your Online Reputation from Unfavorable Reviews You can protect your online reputation from unfavourable reviews by privately managing them while publicly showing positive evaluations. Offer your clients a personalized review landing page in order to encourage them to provide feedback and increase their satisfaction with your business.

Riivu Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Custom QR Counter Sign: In order to facilitate simple participation in reviews, we will provide you with a free customized countersign that incorporates both your unique QR code and logo.
  • Display your most positive customer reviews on your website with the help of social proof widgets such as carousels, feeds, badges, and more.
  • Dashboard & Analytics: Quickly monitor and respond to reviews, evaluate the growth and distribution of reviews, and share review posts on social media.
  • Review Requests: From your dashboard, you can easily send review requests via email, SMS, and an unlimited number of times per month via WhatsApp.
  • Landing Page with Your Brand: Send out a QR code and a personalized link to the landing page for your branded review.
  • Integrations in Any Environment: Add personalized links to the review collection process for platforms that are not yet integrated. There will soon be further integrations!

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