Referral Magic helps you to turn your users and clients into referral magnets. The simplest to combine referral tracking software program to your website.

  • Full-Featured API: Build the proper referral program on your SaaS.
  • WhiteLabel: Rebrand and resell in your clients. Customize based totally to your needs.
  • On-Premise Ready: Deploy for your server, rebrand and resell for your clients.

Why Referral Magic:

SaaS & Software

Designed for speedy integration and best referral application building. In only some minutes, you can leverage your current consumer base.

Shopify eCommerce

Transform your customers into referral magnets and efficiently track all traffic. Offer rewards whilst a new purchase is made thru referral links.

Mobile Apps

Cost-performance is an important component in maintaining the profitability of an app. Instantly turn your app users into referral magnets with Referral Magic.

Customized to Suit as per your need

If you need specific functions or tailor-made answers to suit your brand, then ReferralMagic is customizable to meet your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our undertaking is to apply quicker business growth that goes clean at the wallet. Our software magic equals your satisfaction – every step of the way.

Run Multiple Referral Campaigns

You have commercial enterprise companions & you have your customers. With ReferralMagic, you can set up various referral campaigns that can be run simultaneously.

Each referral campaign you will create will produce its personal conversion funnels, rewards and referral links.

Ready To Use Referral Widgets

ReferralMagic is a fully-inegrated API that is prepared to offer you the most bendy and customizable referral tracking platform.

Expect a short and effortless deploy that incorporates ready-to-use widgets to optimize your experience. Adding ReferralMagic is as easy as including Google Analytics for your website.

Fully-Integrated API And Features

Create your very personal API keys for different functions and revoke them at any time. Its as easy as that!

Referral Campaign Options

Choose from one of 3 to be had referral marketing campaign types: The Conversion Machine, The Sign-Up Booster & The Selfie.

With ReferralMagic, referral funnel is built based totally on your needs and provides applicable and transparent metrics.

Customizable Invite Friend Widgets

ReferralMagic gives three ready-to-use and fully customizable invite friend widgets. You can add these widgets to your internet site in a minute or use our API to make your own implementation.

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