RedmineUP eliminates the need for teams to transfer between several tools in order to manage Agile projects within Redmine. Make the organisation of your work and improve its flow simpler by using an agile whiteboard. You can rearrange jobs using drag-and-drop, make comments, and create new problems with only one click!

RedmineUP has revolutionised Agile project management by delivering a user-friendly platform that eliminates the need for different applications. This avoids the burdensome work of streamlining project management, which may be a challenging undertaking. It has established itself as a dependable go-to software solution thanks in large part to its ability to accommodate Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid techniques.

RedmineUP Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Task management is a snap because to features like a drag-and-drop card system, fully customizable workflow lanes, and milestones that are directly tied to backlogs.
  • This tool is the ideal all-in-one business solution because its all-in-one approach goes beyond project management to incorporate a variety of other functional modules, such as CRM, finance, and HR, amongst others, making it the perfect business solution.
  • It ensures that you can optimise your workflow without having to move between different tools by providing you with software that is both simple to use and specifically developed for teams who utilise Scrum, Kanban, or a combination of the two approaches
  • You can quickly construct a workflow that is tailored to the requirements of your team by utilising features such as cards that can be dragged and dropped, workflow lanes that can be customised, and backlogs that are tied to versions
  • The plugins provide you with access to a wide variety of tools and perks, which can assist in streamlining the process of managing your projects.
  • It is an all-in-one business solution for firms that want to increase their overall efficiency. It provides extra functional modules, such as CRM, Agile, Finance, and HR, making it appealing to those businesses
  • Over 140 000 businesses located in 120 countries have made use of plugins, themes, and services
  • Users that use Redmine from their mobile devices will have a more streamlined and straightforward experience thanks to the professional fully-responsive themes offered
redmine dealify price
redmine dealify price
Redmineup Regular Pricing
Redmineup Regular Pricing


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