Record gives website owners and development teams the information they need to tackle user complaints more quickly. This allows them to do so. This sophisticated platform records the user’s experience in addition to the data necessary to investigate and fix issues. Now you can quickly and accurately discover problems without forcing your clients to go through the agonizing process of troubleshooting.

Record is more than just a screen capture tool; it was designed to close the communication gap between your company’s clients and the members of your development team. Stop counting on feedback from customers to tell you things like these:

Record Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The URLs that they were using when they encountered the problems The chronological order of the events that were taking place when the issue arose
  • They will never be able to explain the issue in the same way that tool does, no of how intelligent your customers might be. Let’s take a look at how this tool can transform the experience of your users into data that can be acted upon
  • It is aware of the significance of data when it comes to addressing a user’s concerns. Your team is now able to have a visual depiction of the experience in order to rapidly identify the issue.
  • This is made possible by recording the user’s session, information about the device, and even details such as user transcripts
  • This tool adds a useful layer to the process of troubleshooting by capturing back-end data that your team needs to understand the entire scope of the problem. This data can include specifics such as console logs and network GET and POST requests.
  • Details of the customer experience can be tagged intelligently and captured to assist your team in making decisions more quickly.
  • It is equipped with functions such as automatically categorizing issues and summarizing transcripts.
  • Providing the essential information to your team so they can make decisions more quickly.
  • Your user’s experience encompasses other aspects as well, such as data compliance.
  • It enables you to record data while keeping compliance standards in mind, making use of capabilities such as granular customization of element masking and user authentication compliance
  • Conduct user data analysis in an automated fashion in order to acquire a more in-depth grasp of their problems
  • It is an essential component for the CX layer of every CX team. Altering the manner in which you provide customer assistance can help you achieve clarity while also reducing the costs associated with support operation
  • Reduce the amount of time spent communicating with users by gathering all of the information necessary to duplicate and resolve their difficulties. This will also make it easier to streamline the process.
Record Rockethub Price
Record Rockethub Price


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