RangeFlow provides robust cold email automation tools that make it simple to track and manage leads, send personalized bulk emails and follow-ups, and close deals. With this tool, you can automate your email outreach using Google Sheets and Gmail. It is convenient to use and fits perfectly inside your Google Sheet.

Rangeflow operates in just three easy steps:

  • Prospecting
  • Writing
  • Send

RangeFlow Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Zero Learning Curve – Prospect, collaborate, and utilize Google Sheets to its full potential. There are no difficult techniques or instruments to learn.
  • Automatically send emails that appear human Your recipients are not the only ones who dislike receiving emails from automated systems. This tool processes and delivers emails one by one from your Google Sheet, just like you would manually
  • It enables you to preview each email before sending it, giving you the opportunity to make any final adjustments
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes – Steer clear of contacting the same prospect more than once. It filters out any prospects who have already been contacted while automatically identifying invalid and duplicate emails
  • Invite teams, assign roles, and collaborate on pipelines with your team
  • Writing effective email text that converts is simple using this tool. We assist you in segmenting your audience, A/B testing your emails, and making sure they adhere to rules
  • Create Email Templates Targeted at Specific Market Groups Using this tool you can build email templates around various market segments. This makes it simple for you to reach out to and follow up with your prospects using incredibly targeted outreach emails
  • Find Your Best Converting Emails With An A/B Test – Make the outcomes of your cold emailing more predictable to create better email copy. Email subject lines, bodies, and follow-ups should all be subject to A/B testing
  • Send Perfectly Compliant Emails – The ingenious template editor enables you to design email templates that are GDPR and ICANN compliant. More clientele is available as a result of fewer legal problems
  • Use Any Email Sending Service of Your Choice – Because sends emails over SMTP, you can quickly connect to any email service, including AWS, Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and others
  • So that you never again lose sight of a possible transaction, it helps you manage your prospects within Gmail. No opportunity is ever lost because to automatic prospect labeling, scanning, and organizing, as well as its clever follow-up reminders
  • Whenever you receive a response, Gmail automatically labels the email with the funnel, stage, and segment that corresponds to the prospect. You may successfully filter emails with the help of this time-saving function while concentrating on making sales
  • Scan Your Prospects’ Information In The Gmail Sidebar – The ability to examine prospect information in Gmail gives you immediate access to all of your prospect’s information, making it simple for you to respond
  • Organize Your Inbox’s Prospects – It gives you the ability to arrange your pipeline from your Gmail sidebar, allowing you to do everything from changing your prospect’s level in the pipeline to set up follow-up reminders
  • Get Intelligent Reminders for Follow-Up – The clever Gmail Sidebar smartly prompts you when to follow up with a prospect, so you never miss an opportunity again
  • This tool tracks email opens, clicks, and replies automatically so that you may easily follow up when it’s appropriate. Additionally, it has an unsubscribe tool that makes it simple for prospects to stop receiving your emails without being bothered
  • Track All Engagement: Email Opens, Replies, And Clicks – Keep an eye on the moment a prospect clicks and reacts to your email by keeping track of your email opens in real-time
  • Allow Prospects to Unsubscribe With a Reply-To make your emails appear more human, you can allow your prospects to unsubscribe instantly by clicking a link or entering a keyword
  • Automatic Unsubscription The following sequence: Are you concerned about contacting potential customers who have already responded? When an email receives a response, it enables you to automatically halt a follow-up process
  • Increase Open Rate With Conditional Follow-Up Emails – Create intelligent follow-up emails based on important data like email openings, clicks, replies, and pipeline stage to increase response rates.

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