Rake is a seamless, easy-to-use, omnichannel messaging platform that focuses on collaboration and efficiency. All stakeholders can collaborate on one platform to connect and share messages.

Rake Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • With messages in private threads, chat in channels, and more, simplify team communication
  • LiveChat and Slack are alternatives
  • Use a two-way omnichannel chat with custom website widgets and integrations.
  • A unified messaging hub can improve collaboration with sales teams, schools, and teams, as well as online marketplaces
  • Rake offers team members a multipurpose platform with features like channel collaboration and direct messaging.
  • As such, unlike your weekly book club, everyone on your team will be on the same page
  • With Rake’s omnichannel chat, you can engage visitors, social media fans, customers, and prospective clients, expanding sales and improving customer service.
  • Your team can resolve problems faster and close deals faster by working directly with customers and channel partners.
  • Rake is your dream chat platform, incorporating features found in other popular messaging tools.
  • Your messages, ideas, announcements, documents, files, images, calendar events, and more are all in one place.
  • You can still stay connected with Rake no matter where you are.
  • You and your team can keep track of key information and FAQs by utilizing the Knowledge Base feature.
  • You can even incorporate the Knowledge Base into your website so that it seamlessly integrates with active chat conversations for customers.
  • The Knowledge Base feature can help your team respond consistently to inquiries, as well as on your
  • Rake lets you search across conversations by channel, customer, date, platform, channel, and user—the options are endless!
  • No matter how you send and receive a message, it will be encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring your complete security.
  • We offer clients a two-way omnichannel chat and a digital experience wherever they live.
  • It takes just a single line of javascript to activate Rake’s highly-customizable live chat
  • It has a low configuration and maintenance requirement because all the options are managed on the server-side
  • You can also get real-time notifications that new site visitors are coming your way with a breakdown of the site they came from.
  • Task types make sure your team is always responsive and on track for success. Use the Task types to define workflows, due dates, assignees, and webhooks
  • Live to monitor website visitors
  • Visitor chat invitations for web live chat
  • Image-file-document sharing with direct and channel messaging
  • Messages that can be triggered by the program
  • Transfer of the session
  • Monitor/takeover of sessions
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Connect with live agents
  • Messenger on Facebook\
  • Google business messaging
  • Enhanced messaging tool
  • Task types and Tasks
  • Quick messages
  • Conversation tags
  • Knowledge base
  • Mobile app
  • Real-time alerts
  • Analytics
  • Robust search
  • Customer integrity
  • Account manager
  • Onboarding consulting
  • Roles and permissions
  • 25 users
  • 5 workspaces
  • 1,000 total SMS messages (US only)
  • Unlimited chat domains
  • Unlimited chat widgets
  • Unlimited search history
  • Branding removal
  • Customize to include your own brand

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